Master LinkedIn in 3 steps Learn How

Edit your LinkedIn profile featured content with ease.

In this video, I demonstrated how to edit your LinkedIn profile featured content easily.

This new feature allows users to show some hero content of their choice on their profile.

With this, you get LinkedIn profile optimization hacks in 2020 that give you a chance of increased lead generation on LinkedIn and job opportunities in LinkedIn.

You also have an opportunity to use this as a growth hack on LinkedIn for your profile in 2020.

This Linkedin profile optimization tip and tutorial helps people who are committed to using LinkedIn for Personal Branding in 2020

My love for LinkedIn has led me to teach this great platform to many, and I look forward to seeing you on my LinkedIn profile also.

How to edit LinkedIn featured section.

Go to your profile.

Scroll to the featured section and click the edit icon.

To add new details, click the add icon and choose the format you want add.

To edit the order of the content, click the reorder button at the top of the page.

To remove content, choose the “remove from featured” option, or use the delete option where applicable.

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