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How does LinkedIn work in 2020?

How does LinkedIn work in 2020?
Why use LinkedIn and what are the advantages of LinkedIn?

This is the answer you need if you’re asking any of these questions.

This is the video that you need, for Understanding LinkedIn and LinkedIn basics.

Know these first.

When professionals were mainly on LinkedIn, we used to think of it as a platform for professionals only.

Some still think of it as a place for job seekers also.

Some see it as a place to build your network, with a target of getting employed or generating leads for your business.

But in 2020, we no longer have only professionals on LinkedIn. We now have both the professionals, the creatives, and the academics.

Those in the academic field are now on LinkedIn to share their learnings and their successes.

The creatives, teach many other creative forms of art while bringing out the creative part of their professional field

So, It’s now an open platform. Don’t take yourself back.

5 things LinkedIn is, in 2020

  • A place to learn
  • To build your network
  • For storytelling
  • A place to measure your impact and
  • A place to also find Job and generate leads.

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Now, you can stop asking, how does LinkedIn work in 2020?

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