What are TEDx Events? Things you need to know.

TEDx events are events where professionals from various fields are brought to share their stories for people to learn from their experiences.

TEDx events are events where professionals from various fields are brought to share their stories, with a theme in mind.

Sometimes, people might want to mistake it for a Conference or seminar, but it is none. The speakers and the audience come together to share great ideas.

What makes it different is that you will learn from the professionals, what it took to get to where they are. Stories of what they have gone through in their life and still succeeded.

Networking opportunities are available for both the speakers and participants. Remember, most persons that come for this event already share the same values with you.

TED started as the mother brand, but in a quest to spread all through the world, they started granting licenses to people to organize similar events in their local areas. When organizing these local events, the speakers are mostly professionals within the area. It is these local events that now have an ‘x’ attached to it.

Some examples of TEDx events I’ve attended include, TEDxNzastreet, TEDxAwka, TEDxBissallaRD, and I look forward to TEDxAsata. For young students who want to build their personal brands, they have a lot to learn from these events.

To organize one, you would have to apply for a license on the TED website. When granted, you can build your team and run the program.

Sponsors are sort after as that is the major means of financing the program, apart from ticket sales.

Volunteers are also called for, to assist the planning team in carrying out all the tasks needed before the event and during the event.

There are no stated qualifications to have to apply for the license, neither is there any for sponsorship and volunteering.

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