Unique Brand identity?

Do you have a unique brand identity?

Many people have different usernames on their social media profiles, or better said, many persons don’t have a unique brand identity! In some cases, their personal names also differ across the media.

Hey, you know what you are telling us? You are simply saying we shouldn’t trust these profiles, as they may or may not be you.   Have you ever wanted to tag your friend in a post, and then you end up in a marathon search for their usernames?

Some key advantages of having a unique username/name on social media include;

Trustworthy brands/Persons.

It’s easier to connect with you on all platforms if you have unique usernames on all platforms. This serves as an assumed verification that the profiles yours.

On the other hand, similar usernames, or totally different usernames, would completely feel less trustworthy. In most cases, they are viewed as fan pages or scam pages!

Better Search result.

When you make a search of your name on Google, you expect that facts related to you show up; this includes, your Linkedin profileFacebook profileTwitter profile, YouTube channel, Blog or even your Website if you have one.

Also, if you do post a lot of your pictures or videos, it would most likely get ranked for your name search on the pictures tab of Google, or the video tab.

Better chances of being remembered by your audience.

I guess you remember persons with the same name/identity better, not minding the person’s location. This makes it easier to build an environment of authority around your name, hence, when a user is mentioned, it sends a signal to the minds of the audience.

This remains the same on all platforms where the user was mentioned. When one operates with different usernames on different platforms, he or she is perceived as a different entity.

It is easier for clients, friends, and followers to reach out to you.

People engage better when they remember you with the same name as it builds trust. You get referrals when your clients remember your name. Friends remember you when they don’t have to think of your social media handles.

Supports the development of your personal brand.

If one decides to develop his/her personal identity by developing a visual identity, having a unique name would make this easier. The same applies to the development of a logo for businesses as they retain one unique name.

Now, I wonder why you wouldn’t want to have your online identity defined by you.

That way, you would stand for a cause that could be easily related to you.

Take a look at your current online presence and decide if you love to be known as that which you are known for right now.

One of the best things you can work on right now is your Personal Brand identity!

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