Personal Branding for Students – 5 Easy Steps to get started.

Personal branding for students is that little sauce that helps make you stand out from your fellow students in all endeavours.

Branding for students could make a student stand out from his/her mates. This could seem impossible at first as you may ask yourself, what am I? Of what value am I to people? Guess what, that is the same question that will propel your development, and when done well, you

  • gain people’s trust.
  • are seen as an expert in your field.
  • command some authority in your field.
  • then attract ideal Opportunities.
  • define yourself as an exceptional leader in your field.

Now, let’s look at how this could be done.

Define who you are and what you want to be known for.

This is the first and most important step, as it is the first step to finding your voice. Would you prefer people describing you the way they think, when you have the power to define yourself the way you want? I guess no. Then go ahead and tell the world, this is who I am.

To help you do this, you may want to go ahead and define the following

projects art


Clearly state all the projects that you have been involved in and the role you played in each project


If you have volunteered for causes you believe in, then why hold it back? Let your work shine for itself?


If you’ve been in an interview, that’s really great, let people know which platforms you’ve been interviewed on.


Be proud of the people you know (that’s believing you have persons that you can be proud of, in your circle). Have you met any noteworthy person? Let people know and build a healthy and sustainable relationship with the persons.


Most students embark on an internship program during the holidays. If you do get that opportunity, then I believe you must have had notable experiences, why not share it to let people know how experienced you are?

Follow experts in your field.

As you would want to know more about that which you believe, it would just be right to follow people who are already established in your field.

With this, you learn from the knowledge bank of the master. You share and learn from their experiences. You understand their ideologies and from there, you get a better understanding of what is in existence and what you can contribute to.

Establish your online presence.

This gives you a platform to communicate your values and with this, you will be able to share your knowledge. People can always rely on these platforms to get more information about you.

For those that look up to you, they can learn from you through these platforms. Also, these platforms allow you to reach out to the people you believe are your audience, and let them hear that message which you bring to them.

In the present time, the most popular platforms are Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram among others that may be unique to professionals such as Behance for visual creatives, Anchor and Spotify for Audio content producers, YouTube and TikTok for video content producers.

It is your goals that will help you decide which platform to be on and your present resources will determine which to start from.

Opening these platforms help you to define your brand as a Student, and state what makes you unique. Also, in the long run, you would want to take charge of the settings on these platforms to set up your account rightly to suit your needs. This article I wrote is an example of what you could do with your LinkedIn settings

Define your audience.

As you grow, there are a set of persons whom you particularly want to talk to, and from there, get to grow out to other people who are similar to that of your ideal audience.

Your audience are those who would find value in what you do, thereby stand a chance of engaging with your content, and it is this engagement that will be your major growth mechanism.

Teach what you know or what you learn.

Knowing what you want to say and what you believe in is good. Knowing where you want to share your ideas is good. Defining who you want to talk to is also good, but, you ought to have what to offer to people.

To have that exceptional brand for students as you wish, your aim would be to establish an authority in your field, and you can only be an authority when you author good content.

As a student, you may think that you don’t know enough to start teaching yet, but guess what, you could start teaching as you are learning. Go and learn from various platforms such as Udemy or Alison. As you learn and teach, you understand better, and as you execute more works, you gain more experience, and you can freshen up your content.

In the end, one would realize that this is only but a cycle which when one gets consistent with what they do, you get better, and start gaining that authority that you sort.

You would have a new perspective on things as you learn more, and stand a better chance to understand various scenarios and make a well-informed decision.

As you go through this process you are then opened to new opportunities, which is what many students look forward to. As you are leaving school, having a personal brand might get you started in life, either by creating a business that is tied to your brand and you can use your authority to market your business. Also, when applying for job opportunities, you stand a higher chance of getting what you applied for.


Having a website would turn out to be your most valuable asset and investment in your branding for students journey, as this is one platform in which you have a major hold on what is in it, unlike the social media platforms which are being controlled by the owners of each platform (Hey, I can build you a website also, and if you need this service, then reach out to me).

How to start personal branding for students?

By defining who you are

Follow experts in your field

Establish an online presence

Define your audience

And keep creating content

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