Branding Graphic Design

7 effective Soft Skills to learn in Nigeria

Perhaps you may want to know what soft skills you could focus on and learn in 2020, especially as it relates to the Nigerian Market and Economy.

Branding Town Planning

What happened in 2019 -Things I can’t easily forget.

I had a major Challenge which nearly weakened me (It did to an extent), but it all ended in praise as it was a divine push for me.

Branding LinkedIn guides

Linkedin Settings: 5 easy things you should know

I will let you know the critical places you need to check out on your Linkedin settings. This will guide you as you set up your Linkedin profile

Town Planning

Place Branding in Nigeria – Basic insights and case studies.

In this brief chat, I talked about the state of place branding in Nigeria. I gave a quick summary on the topic and noted out a major challenge to it in Nigeria


Unique Brand identity.

Did you know that your online presence could be a highly valued product? How do you get it to be ranked so high, and what do people think of you when your name is searched for on the net?