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Linkedin Settings: 5 easy things you should know

I will let you know the critical places you need to check out on your Linkedin settings. This will guide you as you set up your Linkedin profile

How well do you explore the account settings of all the various accounts you have? When did you check your Linkedin settings last?

The most important things you will learn from this post, would probably be ‘how to link your linkedin profile to your twitter account’ and ‘how to setup two-factor authentication’

Anthony Chinweuba

Personally, setting up my accounts the right way has always been something I love doing and guess what? It gives you full control over what your profiles say you are.

It’s not only good to create an account and add your bio, but it also pays off to have your account duly setup. This makes it easy for some web crawlers to pick up certain info about you and may just better the results returned upon searching for facts related to you.

Such practice being maintained across your platforms and website can help show results like the one shown below.

In this article, I will let you know the critical places you need to check out on your Linkedin settings. This will guide you as you set up your Linkedin profile.

These settings are readily accessed when you operate with your computing device and not a mobile device. To access your settings, click on the profile icon (with your profile photo on it) so as to open up the drop-down menu, from which you can access the settings.

Updating your Contact Info

You may have a need to add multiple email addresses and phone numbers to your profile, and accessing your settings would always be the best bet for this.

When multiple email addresses are added, Linkedin would always ask you to verify the newly added mail(s) after which you’re left with a choice to choose which you will use as your primary email.

Your primary email is that which you will get notifications on, and also use to login to your account.

Two Factor Authentication: Security setting against hacking of account

You may have heard of accounts being hacked and you wouldn’t want to be a victim of this.

You could actually lose all that you’ve worked to build in a twinkle of an eye. This implies that anybody can log into your account and edit some settings you may have worked hard to set.

Most platforms have made available the Two-Factor authentication setting. This allows you to add another level of security to your account. This implies that to log in to your account, you would have to add additional code.

Remember that you may have your two-factor authentication settings on, and still regularly change your password through the “change password” section of your setting page.

You can access these settings under the “Login and Security” section of the “accounts” tab.

Settings - Account - Login and security

Connecting your Linkedin account with other social accounts: Twitter and Microsoft

Now, this is the sweetest part of Linkedin that I have come to love.

Imagine getting your stories from Linkedin to your Twitter Audience with a single button click!

For some reason, I realized that this is a feature that many do not know yet. Let me help you out here by simply following these steps

  • Get to your Linkedin settings page, under the “account” tab
  • Click on “Partners and Services”
  • Click on Twitter settings and follow the prompt to connect your Twitter account.
  • When duly connected, you can then try to create a post.
  • When done, check the dropdown in the top middle section and be sure to set it to “Anyone + Twitter (@yourusername)”
  • Go ahead and post, and be sure to thank me later.
Linkedin settings - Account - Partners and services

Controlling how your profile is viewed

You still have the power to decide how your profile shows up to people, both on and off the Linkedin platform.

When I search for my name on google, one of the first results that it returns is usually that of my Linkedin profile. This is possible because I allowed it to show up on search engines, and this is one of the many things you have control over.

If your profile is well set up, it will return a result with your name and role in it straight from the search engine. If you are to take all the pain of setting up your profile, perhaps you wouldn’t mind having this function on.

This section also allows you to decide if your full name is shown to all or if your Lastname is to be excluded. You can also control who sees your email. There are many options you have control over in your account setting if you wish to explore these options diligently.

Linkedin setting - Privacy - How others view your profile and network information

How to merge and close duplicate accounts

You could possibly have multiple accounts for reasons like having a forgotten password, wrong business account, etc. When realized, you may have a need to merge the two accounts so as not to lose any established connection. Hence the need for the merge feature.

Would you rather prefer to just close an account? Then all you have to do is to access your Linkedin settings. Under the “Account Management” section of the “Account” tab, you will see all the options to meet your need, provided you still know your password(s).

Taking your time to go through these settings will help make the difference for you when done right. Always take your time to get things right.

How to connect Linkedin with Twitter

Get to your Linkedin settings page, under the “account” tab

Get to your Linkedin settings page, under the “account” tab

Click on Twitter settings and follow the prompt to connect your Twitter account.

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