You care to know me?

Town Planner

I love and care for my physical environment, hence I chose to be a planner.

Brand Strategist

I add value and help differentiate people from others.

Graphic Designer

I love the details in communication through visuals, therefore, I choose to design.

Business bootstrapping

Get your business started, the tech way!

I love Photography

Thank God for working eyes which I used in appreciating the wonderful scenes of the Earth.

Team Player

Working with teams has taught me to better understand humans and hence, lead better.

Planning and Logistics

I always plan as I am productive in all Logistics aspects of Events.

I learn

Through constant development and learning, I have grown to the success story that I am.

I design Websites

WordPress website and blog developer.

I do SEO

Take charge of your story whenever and where ever your name is heard and searched up from.